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How to Build a Large Opossum?

Immediate challenges present when you’ve decided to build a large opossum.  Since I’ll be in the Outer Banks soon, I knew that I wanted to build it there.  But, what exactly do you build it out of and where might those opossum building materials come from?  Hmmm. First I was picturing a big papier-mâché opossum, perhaps over some chicken wire.  However, I got thinking that it would be handy if it was weather resistant, so nix on the paper.  I got ahold of my friend, Lisa (she and Steve are the friends I’ll be staying with in the Outer Banks), and asked her if she would help me with this project.  She often has good creative ideas.  She totally said, “Yes!”  Then it dawned on me that they probably have very little in the way of tools with them in their little mobile trailer in the Outer Banks.  I started feeling a bit deflated.  Almost instantly, the prospect of building a large opossum seemed impossible! But then Lisa said, “Don’t worry, OP.  You can’t give up before you even get started!  We just need to think of creative opossum-abilities.”  Then she had an idea.  “In the meantime, while you are making your way down to the Outer Banks, I’ll make a big sign asking for help!”

She jumped right in.  She sat out front a big campground and drew a sign using materials she scrounged.  She said that a few people asked what she was up to.  Turns out “building a large opossum” is a good conversation starter.  One fellow suggested putting the opossum on the back of her bike.  That would indeed be handy if it was mobile.

She got it done and Steve came by after work and helped put it on some bike flag sticks (repurposed from their wedding), but then they ran into the challenge presented in this here video:

Eventually, they taped the sign to her bicycle.  That worked, but it was getting late. Time to put the project to rest for the evening.  On the way home, she chatted with someone who suggested foam for a building material. That sounds pretty cool. A good start to the project indeed.

If you have any ideas, please contact me and let me know!