Purple Opossum Consulting

Looking for something different? Want to blow the socks off someone? Looking to take your special event up a notch? The Purple Opossum can help! Want to create an experience that’s amazing and unique? The Purple Opossum offers ideas and consulting!

Whether you are at the initial planning stage or need some ideas for something to add to your event to make it exceptional, the Purple Opossum can give you IDEAS! The Opossum can help you come up with something out of the box, something unusual, something that will make whatever you’re intending to do very unique and memorable. So whether you need a unique idea for a fundraiser, a marriage proposal, a significant birthday, an anniversary, a corporate event, a graduation, or any other moment in life you want to be extra special…or you want to add MORE fun to your fun-raising event, the Purple Opossum is here to help!

Here’s how it typically works…

  • Free 1/2 hour initial consultation. If the Purple Opossum thinks they can help, then a discussion of fees.
  • 1 hour meeting with client.
  • Touch back meeting with client.
  • WaBam! Ideas for you! (Typical turn around time is 3 days to a week).

What if you need an idea NOW!! Well, contact the Purple Opossum, let’s talk about it.

To be clear….The Opossum does not plan other people’s events! The Opossum puts on its own events, and helps generate creative fun ideas for others’ special events. Bring on the creativity and fun!