Helping Opossums Cross the Road

This whole project really must be about service and giving back in someway to society.  Soooo I’m thinking that in honor, love, and support of my fellow opossums.  I am going to launch the oPossum Mobility Project.  The primary mission will be to help possums successfully cross the road!!   As most folks know, this is a big problem in our culture.  We are no match for on coming vehicles with those crazy bright headlights.

But what’s the answer?

CANES!  I think canes are the answer…or at least part of the solution!  We shall make and sell canes and for every cane we sell to humans or others, one will be donated to an opossum!  I’m thinking something like this tropical turtle cane, but with a opossum instead of course.  If you know anyone in the business of making canes or have any design thoughts, please let me know.   Also, if you know of any opossums in need of a cane, please contact me as well.  I’ll be doing lots of cane research now! Open to all ideas on this project.