pet baby opossum or possum

First Purple Opossum Sale!

opossum kite boarding coasterWe just sold our first coaster! The design is of an opossum kite boarding!  I love to kite board! My friend Lisa decided to try  making some opossum art and open an Etsy store to help fund the Purple Opossum project. Her work is a little rough, but darned if we didn’t have our first sale!  I asked her to PLEASE write to the purchaser and explain that this was just an pet baby opossum or possumexperiment and if she was not COMPLETELY happy with the coaster, we would refund the money.  Turns out the gal buying it has a kite boarding boyfriend and she has a pet opossum.  Wow! What are the chances?  This may be our one and only sale, but exciting none the less!  Oh the oPossumabilities!