pammy Opossum & Petunia Possom head to North Carolina

Pammy & Petunia off to North Carolina!

Soooo excited!  My girlfriend, Pamela (Pammy) O’possum, of Irish decent, and her sweet daughter, Petunia, are heading to Rodanthe, NC to join me for the summer with Lisa and Steve.  Pammy and I met online and it was simply love at first site!  pammy Opossum & Petunia Possom head to North CarolinaWe’ve been dating for 1 year and finally we will all be together for the summer!  It looks like they are going to make it to North Carolina before me.  I’m still held up in Ohio  patiently waiting for things to wrap up here.   No worries, Steve and Lisa said they were totally welcome.  More hands to help with the Purple Opossum project.

Many of my good friends summer down in Rodanthe.  Billy Beaver, Rachelle Rabbit, and Sheldon the Sheep to name a few.  Turns out Lisa’s been meeting up with them and capturing them engaged in water sport activities.  More about that later…