Opossum possom taking a risk

The oPossum-ability Project Begins Today

Opossum possom taking a risk

What do you do when you are stuck?  Try something else! Take a risk!

My name is OP.  I’m a opossum who is over-educated, under-employed…wanting to have a home base and finally get cracking on “The Place” – the music, art, all things creative and inspired venue which will continue to grow and evolve depending on who is involved at the time.  A place to gather, create, feed, and facilitate one’s inner artistic soul – whatever that means.  Oh the oPossum-abilities!

But I’ve been stuck…I don’t have a home base. I don’t have the resources to start such a dreamy inspired project.  I’m looking at the prospect of going to visit my friends, Lisa and Steve, in the Outer Banks and getting a minimum wage job for the summer….which will fill my time, yet again, and bring me right back to the same stuck spot.

Or perhaps I’ll try something new:  I’ll build a huge oPossum and see what happens!