Coming Up

The Purple Opossum is getting ready to go behind the scenes at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The Opossum will be interviewing directors, producers, artists, musicians, and many more, plus checking out shows and sharing everything on the Behind The Fringe blog at BehindTheFringe.org. If you want to get in touch with the Purple Opossum […]

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pet baby opossum or possum

First Purple Opossum Sale!

We just sold our first coaster! The design is of an opossum kite boarding!  I love to kite board! My friend Lisa decided to try  making some opossum art and open an Etsy store to help fund the Purple Opossum project. Her work is a little rough, but darned if we didn’t have our first […]

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Helping Opossums Cross the Road

This whole project really must be about service and giving back in someway to society.  Soooo I’m thinking that in honor, love, and support of my fellow opossums.  I am going to launch the oPossum Mobility Project.  The primary mission will be to help possums successfully cross the road!!   As most folks know, this is […]

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