This is where we feature especially cool upcoming bicycle- related and bike-friendly events in the Greater Cleveland area.

It takes a village!  This is by no means all that’s going on…it’s simply the cool events that we know about.  If you know about others, PLEASE let us know.  We do our best to keep this updated (Think small team, no budget, spare time…but we try!!)  Thank you for keeping us in the loop!

For April, 2017 – DON’T MISS THIS:

bike bike Event April 19, 2017 Cleveland

BIKEBIKE a Commuting + Touring Forum was grown out of a desire to activate, engage, and empower those in the Greater Cleveland area to commute and tour by bicycle.

Attend and learn how to best prepare for your commute to work or tour by bike.  Communities become better places to live, work, and play when more people ride bikes.

This collaborative event showcases efforts of advocates, adventurers, community
members, bicycling co-ops and independant bike shop owners, together working in a  variety of ways to make our region a great place to ride a bicycle.

Opportunities to earn and share your experience with others.

Go to www.BikeBike.space to learn more.  Tickets Available here through Beachland Ballroom.