OP Bio

Hey folks, I’m OP and I’m a opossum.  I hail from Arkansas originally, but have not lived there in a long, long time.  I’m currently staying with my good friend, Kim, in Mentor, Ohio.  She’s super cool, but really hates the cold winters.  I can’t blame her.  I met her through some other good friends, Steve and Lisa.  I was livingopossum roadtrip with Kim & Tammy with them, but they recently got married and took off for North Carolina in their first home.  It’s tiny and has wheels.  They have offered for me to come stay with them for the summer, so I’m totally going to do that as I really don’t have much going on in Ohio….and therein lies the problem!

So far in life, I’ve done a lot or practical stuff including a lot of schooling.  But you see, at heart, I amJust married bicycle flag a creative opossum! I love to dress up and put on wacky fun events…and create, create, create!  I have this dream you see…to create this awesome inspired performance venue, The Purple Opossum!  A very inspired stage!  But as of yet, it has not happened.  I was feeling really stuck, but that’s when I started getting all these crazy ideas about all the oPossum-abilities to come!  I decided to just let them fly and see what happens.  Thanks for being part of my journey.  I look forward to seeing you at the Purple oPossum one day!!