A Few Words About Us

At On the Bike, we are committed to supporting, developing, and creating initiatives, inspired events, and educational programming that inspire hope, promote peace, and foster diversity and cultural awareness through shared experiences — with a special emphasis on those that relate to or involve bicycles!

Our Inspiration and History

A passion for bicycling coupled with a love of the legendary Charles Kuralt — former NBC News Host and creator of the On the Road show — inspired us to come up with the initial concept for the On the Bike project.  Mr. Kuralt’s stories warmed hearts and inspired hope in TV viewers for over twenty-five years.  Similarly, since bicycle riding tends to take cyclists onto back roads, they thought it might be interesting and fun to try and capture stories and find inspired artists and other interesting folks — from the bike.

We have a long history with cycling.  In fact, we met a few years back while each on separate solo bicycle adventures.   That chance encounter in a campground in Austria was the beginning of many more good things to come, including our engagement and the launching of the On the Bike project.

About Steve Cayford

I grew up in Nigeria but since age 18 have lived in various places throughout the U.S.  My bicycle has been my primary mode of transportation for over 10 years while residing in such U.S. places as Minneapolis, Madison, and Portland.  Inspired as a youngster by my cousin’s bicycle ride from California to Alaska, I now have my own share of extended bike touring adventures under my belt.  Bicycle touring has taken me throughout Africa, Europe, and the United States.  On my most recent extended adventure, I explored Ethiopia and then rode from Greece through the Balkans and across Europe to England, where I reconvened with Lisa. We continued on up to Scotland together and have been together ever since.  I currently work remote as a computer programmer for a company based in Pittsburgh.

About Lisa Nelson

I grew up in the United States in the fine midwest state of Ohio.  I spent much of my life organizing events, leading service and adventure tours, putting on festivals, teaching, advocating, and creating unique experiences — many related to bicycling.  I especially enjoy mountain biking and bicycle touring.   While on my longest bicycle journey (about 8 months), I completed the writing of my Ph.D dissertation while cycling down the California coast and across Europe.  I also very fortunately met Steve towards the end of that writing project!

We thank you for your interest in On the Bike and look forward to meeting and building community with you as they continue exploring the world on their bicycles!


Lisa & Steve