Bicycle Flag Revolution Cleveland Ohio

Come! Be part of the Revolution! Let’s create and connect!

This is a monthly brain-storming, idea and art generating gathering, motivation-building, friendship- forming kind of revolution — which is FREE and open to all. Bring your revolutionary ideas! Let’s explore what we might do together with our ideas and flags! Join us once a month on Sunday evenings at different locations throughout Northeast Ohio where we gather and make unique bicycle flags, talk about ideas, and sometimes feature guest speakers. Please check our calendar to see where we will be meeting this month and what’s on the Revolution Agenda.

Why bicycle flags??

It’s our belief that bicycle flags have the potential to be super cool (depending upon the flag of course) and reflect the cyclist who sports one. They need not simply be orange triangles. It’s time for a revolution!

As bicycle advocates, we envision a world where we get away from automobiles especially in urban areas and build/support infra-structures that encourage (promote /facilitate) the use of bicycles as a the preferred, easy, sustainable and healthy way to get around. While a bicycle flags is an important safety feature, it need not be dull.

What do you need to bring?

Think upcycling and personal! If you have materials that you would like to use to create your unique flag, that’s cool…or feel free to use ours. This is your opportunity to be creative…and don’t forget lights! Got any battery powered or solar lights that might add a little something something. Oh the potential!

We do other cool things with our flags too…like

  • Ride at bicycle parties and other gatherings around town!
  • Inspire others to join the revolution!
  • Sell the extras and use the proceeds to fund other cool projects (i.e. special bicycle events, bike coop fund, bicycle education and advocacy orgs and initiatives, etc)!
  • Loan them to others for special events or projects!

Donations Needed Please!

Do you have bicycle flag material “stuff” that you would like to donate? We are always on the look out for materials for our flags. If you are interested in donating any of the following items to On the Bike, please contact us at donate@onthebike.org.